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Sakura in a Nutshell by Anodesu
Sakura in a Nutshell
A shitty comic about my issues with the Naruto comics, something I have been reading (well... trying to) since I was 12.

Because let's be honest, she is legitimately the most shafted character in manga next so some of the girls in Bleach.

And as for the latest chapter... well that's one way to avoid having to write for her. -facepalm-

This will go in scraps later.
Hextech Elise Version 2 by Anodesu
Hextech Elise Version 2
I attempted a second iteration of Hextech Elise after some amazing response from the internet communities. 

Also I think I'm going to need glasses soon. I can't look at this picture anymore.

Elise is property of Riot studios.
Draven Pinup by Anodesu
Draven Pinup
I'm kind of sorry for this... but not really.

This stems from so many conversations I've had about the lack of sexualized male characters in comics and games. Apparently wanting women less sexualized means my panties are in a bunch, so I went a different route and started sexualizing men. 

Frankly, I wouldn't put it past Draven to actually do this. 

Special thanks to my super rad teacher :iconrichardpace: for assisting me with the anatomy and posing.
Alright, so 2 and a half weeks ago i came to experience an artist's worst nightmare. I slipped on ice and fell on my drawing hand, spraining it and damaging the ligaments in the palm. It's a bad sprain. A REALLY bad sprain. I genuinely thought it was broken when i landed on it. I was terrified. I'm in animation school, after all. How am I supposed to work like this? I was already a week behind on work due to the loss of a loved one, so I wasn't certain if i was going to need to repeat the semester or something. 

I flat out was not allowed to draw, which was probably a good thing because any art beyond 20 minutes was literal agony. Any pressure to the palm was painful. Swelling and bruising have almost disappeared... but haven't quite left yet. Typing only just became bearable last weekend and i'm still not using my pinky that much. I've finally managed to regain most of my range of motion but even now there's still stiffness and limits to what I can do. 

It has been the most draining 2.5 weeks of my life. I've lost a lot of confidence in myself and my skills at the realization that my entire life revolves around my left hand. It's a terrifying notion. I've had plenty of people say i should learn to use my other hand, but I don't think they realize how many years i've invested in to my hand-eye coordination, and how long it would take to rebuild myself. The joke just makes me mad now. I'm aware that plenty of the knowledge is in my head, but it doesn't cease to frustrate me.

So i'm off to hopefully one of my last days of physio where i can get the thumbs up that I can actually attempt to draw without further damaging my hand.
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Sedona Parnham
Artist | Student | Digital Art
My name is Sedona and I hail from Canada and am aiming to become an artist in the game industry. I like cats and cartoons and beer and making desserts.

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If I do, I might polish it up. I'll see.
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Just fond your art, and I'm blown away. I look forward to seeing more.

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